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Holofex provides the latest in 3d holographic technology. We combine the elements of point of view motion and high quality holographic images to provide the best holographic experience. Showcase your products, NFT, artwork or fan art that really captures peoples attention.
Future technology HOLOX

Holographic Device

Holographic Projectored fan allows enhanced holograms with increased safety. More LED's, More Power & better designed.
  • HD Holograms
  • WI-FI enabled
  • 256 Leds
  • Safety Cover
  • Built-in Adjustable Stand
  • 30cm
  • USB-C
  • Wall Mountable
    Aboutus Image
    Aboutus Image
    Easy to Use

    iOS & Android APP

    An easy and convenient way to get the most out of your device.
  • Device Control
  • Hologram Upload
  • Switch Between Holograms
  • Delete and add your own videos
  • View Demo
    Looking for Holograms

    Visit the Hologram Store

    Holofex provides hundreds of holograms available through our online store. These can be downloaded instantly and used on any hologram fan not just our devices. If you cant find something you love we can design it for you.
    Everything you need to get the hologram you want
  • HD holograms
  • Instant Download
  • Custom Holograms
  • Sell your Holograms
  • Mario, Marvel, Star Wars & Many More
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    Transform Your Setup

    Holographic Technology to revolutionize your games room and showcase your own hologram .

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    Desktop 3D Holographic display

    Holox provides the latest in 3D holofan technology, it combines the elements of point of view motion and high-quality holographic images to provide the best holographic experience. Showcase your products, NFT, artwork or fan art that really captures people's attention.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews Over 100 5 Star Reviews!
    Whilst both fans are the same model they are vastly different in their core features. The Transparent Cover offers safety and practicality. You can have this device anywhere and nobody will touch the spinning blades that produce the amazing effect. However if the product is mounted or out of reach of little hands then the Non Cover is more suitable. This offers a much larger holographic effect.
    The Future is Now

    Holofex Hologram Display Systems



    1. How does the hologram work?

    We usually call it "POV" (visual persistence) display technology. The display crystal in rotation is constantly changing, using the visual persistence principle of the human eye to form a complete continuous picture, achieving a holographic imaging effect. It has powerful 3D display capability.
    HoloFex is the ultimate solution for consumer and retail holograms. We offer:
    • 1080p resolution technology.
    • More Led's meaning a brighter display image.
    • HoloFex Design store were our team creates your unique hologram.
    • Hologram shop products sent directly to you so you can experience HoloFex sooner.
    Unlike our competetion we focus on faster delivery times no unusually long waits so you can enjoy your HoloFex sooner.
    HoloFex provides software with all our products for ease-of-use. 3D Models are downloaded directly to the app or desktop client and are auploaded to the device.
    Yes you can. If you have a 3d image you would like to use simply uploaded to the software and it will convert to the HoloFex. Alternatively check out the HoloStore for holograms already made these can be purchased and received instantly.
    No, its quite simple and straight forward to use with easy assembly and intuitive setup. if there is any help needed our friendly team is just one email away.