1. How does the hologram work?

We usually call it "POV" (visual persistence) display technology. The display crystal in rotation is constantly changing, using the visual persistence principle of the human eye to form a complete continuous picture, achieving a holographic imaging effect. It has powerful 3D display capability.
Holographic technology is normally extremely expensive and unattainable for consumers. Holofex however provides the best alternative a realistic version of the hologram technology. The impressive point of view motion technology provides a 3d holographic effect.
Holofex makes this easy; simply upload the 3d hologram files to the usb/sd card provided with your holofex.
Holofex provides a custom made feature through our HoloStore or you can purchase existing holograms from our vast catalogue
No, its quite simple and straight forward to use with easy assembly and intuitive setup. if there is any help needed our friendly team is just one email away.
A Holofex device is a futuristic device that requires around 20-35 days to prepare and ship.